Pop-Up Gallery #Curvistan

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Photos Stefan Bogner
The pop-up "Curvistan" in downtown Munich aims to be a gallery, event space and hangout for motorsport fans. There are iconic accessories, changing exhibitions and three exclusive Porsche models on display.


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Stefan Bogner has opened a treasure box in the middle of Munich. However, the term “treasure box” describes the project only more than inadequately. “Curvistan” is the name of the pop-up store, which is a gallery, event space and hangout all in one. And the program is something to be proud of: The first three weeks in “Curvistan” are all about lap time – racing watches like the Heuer Monaco meet Steve McQueen’s Porsche 908/48. After that, it’s all about the Porsche community for three weeks: From Luftgekühlt in California to Renndrive in Thailand, the global family is celebrated here. In the last three weeks, you can then go on a virtual journey in the “Curvistan” hangout – photographer and globetrotter Stefan Bogner reports on ten years of “Curves” and shares the best routes and stories. For each of the three themed exhibitions, there will be a special Porsche to see (not to buy) in “Curvistan”. The highlight here is the Porsche 908/48 in which actor Steve McQueen drove and which was used for filming. Bogner is a photographer, industrial designer, and sports car enthusiast: “To see something like this is incredible,” he thinks. “All the parts are original.” Other Porsche models that will be on display in the store include the 356 Speedster and, finally, a 911 ST. “Curvistan” – with the kind support of Porsche Germany, Tag Heuer and Fritz Hansen. More about Stefan Bogner can be found at CURVES

The “Curvistan” pop-up store at Corneliusstrasse 2 in Munich will be open from Oct. 26 to Dec. 24, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.


If you’ve already fought your way to Gärtnerplatz and managed to find a parking space – then it’s worth staying a little longer. For example at Nicolas Gilbertas in his small but fine wine bar “Déjà bu” in Buttermelcherstraße 2 a. The name says it all. The name says it all. Déjà bu, which means “already tasted” in German, refers directly to Gilbertas’ choice of beverages. Wines are not available here according to a fixed menu, but Gilbertas regularly puts together a new offer. You can also try red wine, white wine and rose, and according to the bar manager, they come exclusively from small French wineries.

Déjà bu wine bar, Buttermelcherstrasse 2A, 80469 Munich


More Porsche unseen so far, more topics about Porsche can be found here at GO SIXT.



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