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Arc de Triomphe Christo 1
After the long break due to the pandemic, museums, artists, gallery owners and the general public are happy to be able to sniff art and culture again. Because "without art it becomes quiet".


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Here are our tips that confirm Paris as a metropolis of art and culture. The wrapping of the Arc de Triomphe is outstanding and much admired.

Arc de Triomphe Verhüllung

Arc de Triomphe wrapping

A long-awaited dream of the artist couple Christo and Jeanne-Claude has come true posthumously: The Arc de Triomphe in Paris was covered with thousands of square meters of fabric. And now: The Arc de Triomphe glows! The sun shines on the silvery fabric with which the Paris Arc de Triomphe is covered, making the monumental structure shine. Thick red cords wrap around the landmark so that its contours are still clearly visible under the 25,000 square meters of fabric. And people stand fascinated in front of it, taking photos, selfies or just enjoying the work of art.

Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection

Restored and transformed into the new museum “Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection”, this historic monument introduces a new dialogue between heritage and contemporary art. With a programme of exhibitions, meetings and events, it presents a view of contemporary art through the Pinault Collection. Painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, installations: open to all disciplines, to all audiences, it offers an engaging, unique, ever-renewed view of the art of our time.

Grand Palais Ephémère

Grand Palais Ephémère

The Grand Palais has no intention of disappearing from the Parisian cultural, festive and sporting events calendar during its restoration. The building will be closed from the summer of 2020 to the autumn of 2024 for large-scale renovation works combining innovation, architecture and design. It will move during this period to a temporary 10,000 m2 structure called the Grand Palais Ephémère (“Temporary Grand Palais”), on the Champs de Mars at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. In this way, Paris will remain true to its reputation as the capital of art and culture until the Grand Palais reopens in 2024.


ChâTeau-Landon barracks ©La Caserne

“La Caserne sends a strong message for Paris: to work together to make fashion the most responsible industry in the world,” says Maeva Bessis, General Director La Caserne. The venue is the largest accelerator for fashion and sustainable creation in Europe. We are convinced that Paris, as the fashion capital, has a duty to lead by example and make a positive impact.

Pavillon Notre-Dame

Pavilion Notre Dame

In April, Notre-Dame caught fire during a renovation and continued to burn for over 15 hours. This caused massive damage to much of the cathedral, including the 19th century roof and wooden tower, but not incorrigibly. While the 850-year-old landmark is being restored, a temporary place of worship has been designed for the people of Paris and their visitors. The proposed interim structure will be located in the cathedral’s Parvis Square, directly in front of the church, and will feature a rectangular frame of charred wood representing the ancient beams lost to the flames. Wrapped in translucent walls and a foil-padded roof, the transparent façade will flood the chapel with natural light to create an ethereal atmosphere while providing a graceful focus on Notre-Dame itself.


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