Dreamed today?

Text Joachim Fischer
Photos Tom Shaxson
Love-at-first-sight relationships like to start out that way.


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Dreams are something wonderful. We often dream of events and things that are theoretically impossible or improbable in waking reality. By dreaming, psychologists tell us, we replay the impressions and experiences of reality, thus expanding our consciousness. Dreams ignite our creativity. With dreams, we move through the catalog of our unconscious desires. And in the ideal case we learn to go new ways in dreams. Inner restlessness is transformed into creative power. In inventions, but also in poetry and philosophical theories. Brands are also allowed to dream. In the best case scenario, a sensational car is waiting for us. Like now! Genesis has dreamed. And it’s got us dreaming. And how!

The Koreans call the result of their dream work the Genesis X Concept. A show car without show airs. But everything here is finely played to the point anyway. Narrow headlights, striped daytime running lights at the front, plus a radiator grille that juggles restrainedly confident design elements without lapsing into retro language. A successful interpretation of the automotive past. From the point of view of dream experts, something like this only makes sense. Is this just a dream? Will this coupe come? Maybe not.

Too bad! At least it won’t turn out that way. But it will radiate out into the things Genesis wants to surprise us with in the future. After all, the brand seems to be fresh and reinventing itself right now. A brilliant start into the era of the special.

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