A Sicilian adventure

Text Joachim Fischer
Photos René Staud
How young do dreams keep you - and are wishes allowed to come true at all? One possible answer can be found in Colesano, a town on the legendary Targa Florio circuit.


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Here, at the glorious site of the Targa Florio, together with photographer René Staud, we let the Maserati Pinto 63 loose once again. A racing car of the very rare kind, one of the magnificent specimens from the Maserati collection of the Panini family. The world’s largest Maserati collection houses not only series models, but also rare one-offs and exotics. Like the Tipo 63 “Birdcage”, which embodied the ideal of lightweight construction like no other racing car of its time. The twelve-cylinder sports car is supported by a frame made of more than 200 finger-thin tubular segments, weighing a mere 36 kilos and reminiscent of a bird’s nest. And along for the ride: Genevieve Morton, also known as the cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimwear. Italy is a wonderful place for such adventures. For one thing, it’s where Maserati comes from, and for another, we’re in the country where racetracks have such illustrious names as Mille Miglia and Targa Floria. And people here have a soft spot for beautiful women and racy cars. Besides, there are nice curves here in Sicily. Just to drive a lap briskly requires concentration, to do the whole thing at racing speed and several times pays a proper tribute to the racing drivers of yesteryear. Today the road condition is partly treacherous with many road dips and potholes, but that doesn’t matter, the Tipo 63 is not only loud and sporty but also wonderfully suitable for everyday use. But it still looks unreal, a red-hot vision as if it had fallen out of time.

Ein sizilianisches Abenteuer Maserati Pinto 63

The style of Genevieve Morton, top model from South Africa is characterized by the pace of life of a globetrotter. For her, a private trip means relaxation. Then usually in Italy, where she feels really comfortable. To do this, she usually travels to a place where it is warm. Not infrequently at the wheel of a sports car. This is a feeling of freedom. It’s nice to know you can get in a car and go wherever you want.

René Staud & Maserati

The photo designer RenéStaud is on the road 280 days a year around the globe to put noble car brands – like Maserati – in the limelight.


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